RollOver (Impulse) for FS17

RollOver (Impulse) for FS17


-Roll your vehicle over with an impulse.

-Can roll your vehicle regardless of how many implements and trailers are attached.

-Can also unjam attachments /trailers stuck in walls or the ground (saving the load if there is any) (requires repeated presses).


- Impulse amount now includes the vehicle's field job size which greatly helps even the force per vehicle.

- Readme.txt file added with instructions for proper use and benefits/features.

- Ability to customize the amount of impulse force per vehicle.

- Ability to disable "Roll-Over Impulse" per vehicle.

- Warning of "missing l10n button" in game log fixed.

RollOver (Impulse) for FS17
RollOver (Impulse) for FS17
RollOver (Impulse) for FS17

Download - RollOver (Impulse)
24KB ".zip" archive